Contact Creature

Contact Creature
Divination [mythos]
Level 5 (simple)
Casting Time 1 minute
Components V, S, F (see text)
Range 30 miles/level
Target up to 2 creatures/level of up to 1 HD/level; see text
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none
Spell Resistance no

You send out a magical message to creatures of a particular kind within range, which can be delivered to up to 2 such creatures per caster level, starting with the nearest creatures until the limit has been met. Each creature must fit the description and have no more Hit Dice than your caster level. You can’t send a specific message, this spell is an open invitation to make contact and establish communication.

If there is an appropriate creature within range, the spell succeeds. You don’t know whether the message was received, nor any specific details about what creatures received it or how many. Creatures that receive the message know the location and distance from where the spell was cast. Because this spell doesn’t call or summon the target, the target must have its own way to reach the place where the spell was cast.
There are no restrictions on how the creatures react to being contacted, and they might ignore the call, respond with hostility, parley, entertain an alliance, or subjugate the caster. Creatures that come and investigate do so in their own time. They usually arrive cautiously, aware of the potential for ambush. Targets of the spell might inform their organization or community if they have one.

For the purpose of spells like scrying, targets have firsthand knowledge of you and a connection similar to if it possessed a likeness of you.

This spell contacts a specific creature type and subtype, as decided when cast. It can be restricted further, contacting creatures based on location, religion, nation, tribe, or language. You must have a clear idea of what you are trying to contact, but the idea can be very sketchy, such as “the creatures prowling the sewers at night”.

To cast this spell, you must satisfy three of the following five requirements. If you fulfill additional requirements, the effective caster level of the spell increases by 2 (four conditions) or 5 (all five conditions).

  • Have a mental image of the creature, a description or depiction suffices.
  • Use a focus object made or used by creatures such as the one you wish to contact. A former body part or dung is also acceptable.
  • Cast the spell in a location that used to be frequented by creatures such as the one you wish to contact.
  • Speak the language common to the creatures you wish to contact.

*Have information on an individual creature of the same type as the one you wish to contact. This includes knowing the name of an individual creature of this type, or having seen such a creature

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