Confounded Casting

Confounded Casting: A spellcaster with confounded casting has a mental disconnect between the spells she intends to cast and the spells she actually casts. The first time on her turn that she casts a spell or uses a spell-like ability, she makes a caster check with a DC of 15 + twice the level of the spell being cast. If the caster check fails, the caster must pick another spell or spell-like ability of the same level or lower to cast with the same casting time. If the spellcaster has no other spell or spell-like ability, the action is lost. The spell or spell-like ability she originally picked is not spent and she can attempt to cast that spell again later.

Confounded casting is cured by any effect that removes confusion or insanity. Creatures that are immune to mind-affecting effects are immune to this spellblight.

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