Commune With Nature

Commune with Nature
School divination
Type exotic
Casting Time 10 minutes
You may only attempt to commune with nature in a natural area at least 6 miles from the nearest set-tlement. You may not wield any metal weapons or wear metal armor at the ritual site.
Communing with nature carries risks that many ritualists may not consider. If the area study is the home to corrupted fey, plants, or magical beasts. They may try to alter the facts using Deception that you gain from your commune with nature. Any falsehood provided can be detected with an op-posed Sense Motive skill check.
You become one with nature, attaining knowledge of the surrounding territory. You instantly gain knowledge of as many as three facts from among the following subjects: the ground or terrain, plants, minerals, bodies of water, people, general animal population, presence of woodland creatures, pres-ence of powerful unnatural creatures, or even the general state of the natural setting. The spell oper-ates in a radius of 1 mile per character level.

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