Coin Of Corruption

Coin of Corruption (DC 20)
Faint enchantment; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 5,000 gp; Weight
Appearing as a commonplace gold coin, a coin of corruption imparts its magical aura upon any amount of coins it is placed with; it can only be singled out if it is with no other coins. Whoever is in possession of the coin receives 1 less point from healing magic, takes two days to recover lost ability points, and subtracts 1 round from the duration of any beneficial enchantment cast upon them. If in the possession of a creature that access the negative energy descriptor, it gives them a +1 luck bonus to the first saving throw they have to make each day.
Craft Wondrous Item, 1st level curse spell, 1st level emotion spell; Cost 2,500 gp, 500 craft

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