Cloak Of The Yeti

Cloak of the Yeti (DC 18)
Faint abjuration; CL 3rd
Slot shoulders; Weight 5 lbs.; Price 4,000 gp
This heavy cloak is crafted from shaggy white yeti fur. When the cloak’s hood is pulled up over the wearer’s head, it takes on a semblance of its arctic namesake’s fearsome visage. Northern warriors value its ability to ward against the chill of winter, as well as the protection it provides in combat. The cloak of the yeti provides a constant endure elements effect in cold weather. In battle, the cloak wraps around the wearer, granting a +1 natural armor bonus. In addition, with the hood drawn over the wearer’s head, the cloak grants a +2 competence bonus on Intimidate skill checks.
Craft Wondrous Item, 2nd level wood spell, 1st level fear spell, 1st level abjuration; Cost 2,000 gp; craft 400

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