Champion Of Light

Champion of Light
The champion has bound herself to forces of peace, compassion, and truth. Light banishes secrets, it gives life and promotes harmony.

Champions of light are representatives of righteousness. They strive to uphold goodness and keep to its principles—they are generous, kind, forgiving, and honorable. When faced with real evil, though, they do whatever they can to quench it and protect the innocent.

Skills: The champion of light has Diplomacy, Perception, and Sense Motive as class skills.

  • 1st Level—Shining Light (Sp): The champion can cast light at-will as a caster of her class level.
  • 5th Level—Aura of Light (Sp): The champion can cast blinding light once per day per two class levels. The 5th-level champion’s aura of truth and benevolence has become a palpable thing, so from this point on she adds a +2 competence bonus to Diplomacy checks among those who would respect such a thing (GM’s discretion).
  • 10th Level—Embrace the Light (Su): While in an area of bright light, the champion of light gains a +1 circumstance bonus to attack and damage rolls, saving throws, and checks.
  • 15th Level—Enter the Light (Su): The champion of light gains a +4 competence bonus to all Perception and Sense Motive checks.
  • 20th Level—Servant of Light (Sp): You can use ritual magic to call a celestial being to aid you. Celestials and angels are predisposed to help your in a single task and have a friendly attitude.
  • Avatar’s Allies: The champion of light’s allies glow with a golden luminescence. They affect foes with a blinding light spell with each touch or strike (save DC is 17).
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