Champion Of Life

Champion of Life
The champion of life serves the power of positive energy and the forces that bind together all living things. She is the champion of nature and all things natural: plants, animals, and other living things. She is the champion of growth, healing, and health. She opposes death and destruction in all its forms, except as a necessary evil—just as a forest fire burns away the undergrowth to encourage the longevity of the forest as a whole, so too must the champion of life slay those who spread death.

The champion of life often adopts a symbol of life, such as a growing vine, a flower, or the life-giving sun.

Special: The champion can use any spell-completion or spell-trigger magic item involving a spell with the positive energy descriptor.

  • 1st Level—Life’s Healing (Sp): With a touch, the champion of life can heal someone who is wounded. Each day she can cure a total number of hit points equal to her Constitution bonus (if any) times her level. The champion can cure herself. She may choose to divide this curing among multiple recipients and doesn’t have to use it all at once.
  • 5th Level—Life’s Wrath (Su): The champion gains a +2 luck bonus to attack and damage rolls against undead or when in a fight against creatures intending destruction against nature, the spread of disease, or mass slaughter. The GM should be very strict in determining when a combat situation directly relates to those attempting to destroy nature or spread a blight.
  • 10th Level—Sign of Life (Su): The champion of life can sense living creatures within 60 ft. as if she possessesed lifesense.
  • 15th Level—Back to Life (Sp): The champion of life can cast breath of life once per week as a caster of her class level.
  • 20th Level—Lifeshield (Su): The champion cannot be affected by a spell with the negative energy descriptor.
  • Avatar’s Allies: The champion of life’s allies appear as golden beings of positive energy. Their attacks inflict an additional +3d6 points of damage against undead creatures. Each can, once per day, use their touch to heal rather than harm, healing their normal damage amount rather than inflicting it
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