Champion Of Freedom

Champion of Freedom
A champion of freedom despises tyranny, oppression, and injustice. Normally found in places where they are needed most, champions of freedom seek to overthrow or defeat some kind of despot or a group that subjugates another group. They use hit-and-run tactics and try never to endanger innocents. A champion of freedom must sometimes content herself with minor victories—a slogan of freedom scrawled on the wall of the tyrant’s palace, a single prisoner freed from the dungeons, and so on.

Sometimes a champion of freedom chooses to wear lighter armor to keep mobile.

Special: The champion of freedom has Disable Device and Sap as class skills.

  • 1st Level—Freedom’s Will (Su): The champion of freedom receives a +2 resistance bonus to saves against enchantment spells.
  • 5th Level—Freedom’s Strength (Ex): The champion enjoys a +1 luck bonus to attack and damage rolls when in a fight to free someone or something from captivity, or against an oppressive force or figure (The DM should be very strict in determining when a combat situation directly relates to freeing a captive or fighting an oppressor).
  • 10th Level—Freedom’s Movement (Su): The champion is immune to any spell that would bind, entangle, constrict, immobilize, or paralyze her.
  • 15th Level—Freedom’s Passage (Sp): The champion of freedom can cast freedom of movement up to once per class level.
  • 20th Level—Freedom’s Shield (Su): The champion of freedom is immune to unwanted enchantment spells of 5th level or lower.
  • Avatar’s Allies: The champion of freedom’s allies look like glowing warriors in fiery plate armor. Each has SR 25.
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