Champion Of Death

**Champion of Death **
The champion of death serves the forces of the final end—the hereafter, the long night. While most are sinister or cruel in their administration of death, a few look upon death as a natural process. Such benevolent champions of death are not quick to deal death, but instead help those whose time has come naturally. Some champions of death consort with undead as allies (and representatives of that which they serve), while others despise the undead as abominations, neither living nor dead.

The champion of death revels in the signs and symbols of death—she wears black clothing and adorns herself with skulls and bones.

Special: The champion of death can use any spell-completion or spell-trigger magic item involving the necromancy school.

  • 1st Level—Death’s Blessing (Ex): The champion of death gains a +1 luck bonus to damage rolls against living creatures.
  • 5th Level—Death’s Wrath (Sp): Once per day, the champion of death can summon forth a blast of dark grey negative energy that inflicts 1d8 points of damage per class level (maximum 10d8) to a single living creature within 100 feet. The champion must make a successful caster check to inflict damage.
  • 10th Level—Deathshield (Su): The champion of death is immune to spells with the negative energy descriptor.
  • 15th Level—Finger of Death (Sp): The champion of death can cast finger of death once per day.
  • 20th Level—Horrid Wilting (Sp): The champion of death can cast horrid wilting once per day.
  • Avatar’s Allies: The champion of death’s allies appear as skull-visaged ghosts. They inflict cold damage rather than fire and inflict +2d6 points of damage against living foes.
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