Champion Of A Person

Champion of a Person
The champion chooses a single person to champion, called her charge. This individual usually—but not always—holds a position of power or respect, such as a king, priestess, or other person of note. Other times, a champion might choose as her charge a friend or companion she respects or trusts, one she sees as needing her support for a worthy end.

  • The champion gains a +4 circumstance bonus on Deception, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks made against creatures who know of and either respect or fear the person she champions.
  • 10th Level—Guard the Body (Ex): If the champion is within 5 feet of her charge, she can choose to take any damage (magical or otherwise) intended for the person as an immediate action. The champion makes this decision after attack rolls, but not damage rolls, are made.
  • 15th Level—Invoke the Name (Su): The champion can invoke her charge’s name to draw on the power of their bond. A character must first name the charge and then—very specifically—a task she will accomplish in no more than one year’s time in that person’s name. If the task is not completed in that time, the invoked charge suffers great shame and a –1 morale penalty to attacks, saves, and checks for one month. During this year, the champion gains an additional attack at her highest bonus every time she makes certain attacks. The extra attacks are available only in combats pertaining to the task specified while invoking the name. The champion cannot invoke the name of her charge more than once at a time, and never more than once a month.
  • 20th Level—Share the Bond (Su): The champion becomes so linked to her charge that she knows the person’s status (doing well, wounded, dead) and general location (direction and distance away) at all times, unless some divination magic, such as unknown, impedes her. Lastly, by touching her charge, she can transfer hit points freely to the person. The transfer works only one way, and charges cannot be raised above their maximum hit points.
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