Cattle Lord

Cattle Lord
Cattle are powerful creatures with a strong territorial instinct. You are powerfully built, with a mighty upper body and a high brow.
Animal Shapes: Medium dwarf cattle, Large aurochs, Huge mountain auroch.
Senses: Low-light vision, scent.
Natural Attacks: Tiny gore 1d4; Small gore 1d6; Medium gore 1d8; Large gore 2d6; Huge gore 3d6.
Skill Bonuses: +4 Intimidate.
Animal Special Attacks: Horn Toss (Ex) When you make a charge and hit with a gore attack, you can do a bull rush or reposition combat maneuver against the target of the gore attack as a free action without triggering an attack of opportunity.
Animal Speed: Land 40 ft.
Animal Special Qualities: Trample (Ex; Str) As a full-round action, you can attempt to overrun any creature that is at least one size category smaller than yourself. This works just like the overrun combat maneuver, but the trampling creature does not need to make a check, you merely have to move over opponents in your path. Targets of a trample take an amount of damage equal to the gore damage + 1-1/2 times your Str modifier. Targets of a trample can make an attack of opportunity, but at a –4 penalty. If targets forgo an attack of opportunity, they can attempt to avoid the trampling creature and receive a Reflex save to take half damage. You can only deal trampling damage to each target once per round, no matter how many times your movement takes you over a target creature.

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