Calopia, Land of Heroes
“When the time for heroism has passed, where do we, the heroes, go?” -last words of Ingomar Ironhand, commander of The Golden Quest

Capital: Questown
Settlements: Beacon (2,000), Crystalbridge (4,000), Questown (5,000), The Fence (1,500), Towertown (1,234)
Ruler: High Quaestor Bromellon
Government: Syndicate council
Races: Any non-outsider
Faiths: Any
Resources: Game, magic items, mercenaries, relics, tourism
Languages: Any
Border Conditions: Restricted (Porphyrite border bound to the Crystal Bridge)

When those mortals that came to Porphyra with the Calling arrived on their new world, they had barely begun to examine their situation when their lands were engaged in war. The NewGod Wars were a struggle for survival, a resistance of the new by the old, and heroes were born, made, and perished in short order. The efforts of bands of skilled adventurers played as big a part in the victory of the gods as the clash of armies in the field. No better example can be shown than that of The Golden Quest, a heroic group from the Middle Kingdoms, containing just four individuals: Ingomar, a titanic human fighter; Azimuth, a half-elven wizardess; Girdo, a halfling rogue; and Brother Franc, a human cleric of Gerana. These iconic four breached secret elementalist strongholds, recovered legendary items to help the deists, sabotaged plans of the mighty genies, and slew many a giant. When a last, desperate push by a genie/giant army traveled through the Underdeep and attacked the gates of Sanctus Templum itself, it is said they failed only because of the efforts of The Golden Quest, and resulted in the death of Ingomar Ironhand, in the arms of his lover Azimuth, in the tower of the high priest of Gerana. As he breathed his last, his arm pointed where his eyes fell, to an island visible through the tower window. Off the coast of The Middle Kingdoms, it was a island of mossy stone, sea breezes, and peace; the isle of Calo. In anguish, Azimuth and Brother Franc combined their divine and arcane powers to create the Crystal Bridge to their new home; a thirty-mile span of porphyrite crystal, anathema to their enemies. Warweary veterans of the war, and later, veterans and survivors of long adventuring careers came to the new land, Calopia, now named and held up as a shining memorial to those who fought for their new land, the Land of Heroes. Though Crystalbridge was the first settlement of the heroes, at the landing place of Azimuth and Franc’s creation, it came to be that each general discipline of the adventuring life founded their own community, with camp followers and hirelings settling small crofts and hunting camps in the wildernesses inbetween the established towns. The shadowy figure of Girdo, held to be the most skillful of his
craft, is sometimes said to be the father of the division of Calopia. The truth is, though, that The Golden Quest is held in almost divine status on the bridge-connected island nation.

Current Events
The Middle Kingdom’s problems are a concern for the people of Calopia, dependent as they are on their overland neighbor and its status. The mercenary business is booming, of course, but even the belligerent Bromellon has the presence of mind to realize that peace is better than war for his populace. The clerics of Beacon agitate for interfering in the conflict at the Wall of Sleep, and the Ullian, Nerian, and Rolterran embassies in that divine enclave are hotbeds of intrigue, and the street shouters have spread even to glittering Crystalbridge. Bromellon has found himself in the curious position of being a military power without a cause to follow, having no ax to grind in the surrounding nations’ difficulties, but profiting from their need of arms. The Rolterrans (so he thinks) have declared Calopia neutral ground, the Shadelings and Rajuki stick to their quarters (with the occasional assassination) and the Malites stay inscrutable.
For a psionic being, he is rather insensitive, but his right arm and mind-splitting powers silence most persistent advisors.

The major settlements of Calopia are:

Questown is the capital of Calopia was built by retainers of Ingomar Ironhand, on the partially ruined walls of a deist fortified port on the east coast of Calo. It is a militarily-oriented community, and boasts a small navy and marine corp, quite independent from the Middle Kingdom’s, especially now in its troubles with the Rolterrans. Duels, tournaments and lists are common in Questown, and political decision-making often turns on a well-placed blow. Nominally answering to the four syndicates of the adventuring profession, the High
Quaestor is typically an experienced warrior, caring more about pomp and circumstance, and the threatening of military crusade.

Calopia’s oldest settlement is a rather cynical town named Crystalbridge, concerned with trade with the mainland and turning the famous citizens of Calopia into profit for the resource-impoverished island. The wealthy non-adventurers of the land live here, as do many bards and entertainers, and tourists coming across the Porphyrite Bridge delight in the shiny pleasures of Crystalbridge.

The Fence is sometimes described as a suburb of Questown. But, The Fence is a seedy waterfront dive of a town, spread out along the coast of Calo. It is said that nearly anything can be sold or bought in The Fence, including lives and souls. Smugglers and fast ships
also leave The Fence in small, speedy boats that have a great facility with oceanic porphyrite borders.

Towertown is the living legacy of Azimuth, one of the most accomplished wizards of Porphyra, carried on in “The Conflagration of Magical Allies of the Great Tower of Azimuth”, or, Towertown. Any kind of arcane item or research can be found here, and the Hall
of Artifacts is a tourist attraction the world over. If Questown is the brawn of Calopia, Towertown is the brain, and the eyes; the
divination abilities of its syndicate are second to none.

Pilgrimages to Beacon by the devoted of an entire world lend a heavy presence to city, founded by the tolerant, yet incredibly powerful Brother Franc, said to be the first Codion (pope) of Gerana on Porphyra. Though the seat of the church, and its Credons (cardinals) is in Sanctus Templum, His Iron Will comes to Beacon several times a year for ecumenical councils. All faiths are represented here, even the dark ones of Shade and Rajuk Amon-Gore, and the Malite embassy is sure to shock unwary visitors.


  • Several very old retired adventurers have fallen to a particularly vicious assassin. A Xia walking-priest has passed the word to non-Calopian would-be heroes urging help in this mystery, possibly an elementalist plot.
  • The old ruins beneath Questown were hastily covered over in the expansion period. How ironic would it be for the “City of the Sword” to have an unexplored dungeon beneath it, with the map in your hands?
  • For the very first time, an artifact has disappeared from the Hall of Artifacts in Towertown. The Supreme Curator is beside himself, afraid even to ask for divination. Since one of the party is his cousin, could they look into it before someone recognizes the replica in the case?
  • The smuggler Holo Saan in The Fence is supposedly the best there is. Try to find him in that den of scum and villainy, and get him to take you a hobgoblin holdout in the Sea of Karkoon; Grand Stallion Kaava of Parl Pardesh has a sealed (for now, anyway) message for the leader there.

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