The Giver, The Extinctor
Worshippers: The dying, the maimed, poachers
Minions: Fiendish animals, liches, revenants
Domains: Animal, Healing,Renewal, Wood
Lower Realms Dominated: The Forest Faustinus
Favored Weapon: Starknife (buerite unguit)
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Deer
Favored Instrument: Ratchet

The demon lord Buer is a dangerously seductive beast, promising a leaving-behind of civilized life and mores, killing if one pleases, eternal health, freedom from sickness and want, and the hint of resurrection to eternal life without having to obey a bunch of do-gooder rules… Buer has visited many planes of terrestrial existence and spread ruin and disillusionment to all. The demon lord is wily, and desires many strong, healthy worshippers to achieve his ultimate goal- annihilation of sentient species on a world. Buer’s favorite appearance evokes the byzantine customs of alien worlds unknown to Porphyra, but oddly familiar to Landed cultures, perhaps by ancient heraldry. Buer typically manifests as a giant bestial face combining features of lion and great ape, with a flowing, multicolored mane. Bodiless, he possesses 8 stags’ legs in a wheel-like arrangement, and travels by rolling at high speed, leaving smoking hoof-prints behind.

The cult of Buer consists of forest-dwellers, even evil fey, who practice foul rituals in remote glades and run shrieking through the glades in ecstasy to their hairy lord. They emulate the habits of beasts, even to costumes and appearance, and are notorious for wiping out whole villagers that get too close to their dark, pristine woodlands. The followers of Buer are always in absurdly good health, and never shave or cut their hair; it is taboo for their clerical members to not have cure light wounds or some degree of healing or curative magic handy at all times. Buerites will cheerfully disclose that removing humanity from Porphyra is a proper and desirable goal- and they will be the last to go, at their own hand. Buerites fund their efforts by being skilled fur-trappers.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Buerites must perform a complex and painful set of yogic exercises that seek to emulate the unholy configuration of Buer’s form, the “Five-Legged Stag”. This exercise is typically performed naked, and outdoors if possible. The cult favors togas of earthy colors instead of any ecclesiastical trappings.

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