Book Of Eibon

Book of Eibon
The book of Eibon is the notes and chronicles of the wizard Eibon, a follower of Zhothaqquah (an alternate name of Tsathoggua), who traveled both the planes and outer space. It collects legends and lore collected by this ancient mage. Eibon recounts details of his adventures, including the spells and magic items used by his contemporaries, and the book is remarkably practical for being a mythos tome. Sadly, most copies are missing crucial parts; they are incomplete or have been redacted.

Eibon is a cultural hero to Sikayans. Large parts of the Book of Eibon have survived through oral tradition, and potentially the entire book could be recreated by collecting the tales of shamans of the Sikoyan Tundra, but it would take great heroics to gain the trust of these xenophobic tribes.
9th—etherealness, imprisonment, interplanetary teleport
8th—dimensional lock, mind blank, telekinetic sphere
7th—control construct, ethereal jaunt, forcecage, greater teleport
6th—analyze dweomer, greater dispel magic, plane shift, true seeing
5th—contact creature, greater command, hostile juxtaposition, overland flight, teleport
4th—Azimuth's resilient sphere, dimension door, dimensional anchor, impossible angles
3rd—dispel magic, displacement, see invisible
2nd—alter self, continual flame, ghoul touch, glitterdust, twisted space
1st—alarm, command, detect secret doors, erase, shield
Preparation Ritual
Lore of Eibon (Ex): When you fail a Knowledge (arcana, religion) or Spellcraft check, you can spend the preparation boon to re-roll that check.
Gain a bonus equal to the spell level of the highest-level spell in the book you can cast on Knowledge (arcana, religion) and [[[Spellcraft]] checks.
Eibon was a worshipper of Tsathoggua and the book is written with the unspoken assumption that the Great Old One’s perception of reality is correct. This assumption will slowly creep into the mind of the reader, penalizing Knowledge checks and spells not related to the Mythos. At the highest levels it becomes hard to understand the present world; the reader’s assumptions are just too far off to accept such things as mundane geometry.

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