Book Of Azathoth

Book of Azathoth
The Book of Azathoth is both a mythos tome and a tool for mythos magicians to keep track of their victims. The book is common in the cult of Nyarlathotep and teaches the basic lessons of his creed; the world as we know it is a temporary illusion that will soon end with the return of the Old Ones, and they in turn are but playthings to the outer gods.

Magicians make their acolytes and victims sign the book in blood, giving magical power over them. But the book is also a repository of knowledge on the outsiders connected to Azathoth and the Great Old Ones.
9th—meteor swarm, storm of vengeance
8th—earthquake, incendiary cloud, polar ray, whirlwind
7th—delayed blast fireball, destruction, reverse gravity
6th—acid fog, chain lightning, disintegrate, music of the spheres, plane shift
5th—cloudkill, cone of cold, contact creature, greater command, teleport
4th—dimension door, enervation, ice storm, Kadeg’s black tentacles
3rd—air of authority, daylight, fireball, lightning bolt, stinking cloud
2nd—attune weapon, Duruk’s acid arrow, elemental touch, flaming sphere, scorching ray
1st—burning hands, command, expeditious retreat, hold portal, shocking grasp
Preparation Ritual
Names of the Fallen (Su): You can use the boon to cast a spell from the book as if you were touching the target, regardless of range. Area spells cast this way will center on the target. You must be touching the book and the target must have signed their own name in blood in the book for this to work.
Gain a bonus equal to the spell level of the highest-level spell in the book you can cast on Knowledge (engineering, planes) checks.
Students of the book will get flashbacks from the minds of those whose names are written in the book, and that includes numerous monsters. Later, new vistas open up, paths that were never seen before, that might lead to unknown times and places. If the owner of the book refuses to explore, creatures living there might come exploring on their own.

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