Boar Lord

Boar Lord
You have small eyes set close together, tusk-like incisors, and a flat, up-turned nose.
Animal Shapes: Small pit boar; Medium common boar; Large dire boar.
Senses: Low-light vision, scent.
Natural Attacks: Tiny gore 1d4; Small gore 1d6; Medium gore 1d8; Large gore 2d6; Huge gore 2d8.
Animal Special Attacks: Charge Through (Ex) During a charge, you can attempt any number of overrun combat maneuvers. These trigger attacks of opportunity normally. If you successfully overrun the target of you gore attack, you can continue moving in a straight line to the limit of your speed, potentially making additional overruns.
Skill Bonuses: +8 Perception against adjacent squares.
Animal Speed: Land 40 ft.
Animal Special Qualities: Ferocity (Ex) You remain conscious and can continue fighting even if your hit point total are below 0. You are still staggered and lose 1 hit point each round. You still die when your hit point total reaches a negative amount equal to your Constitution score.

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