Bloated Champion (Boggard Champion Cause)

Bloated Champion (Boggard Racial Champion Cause)
Bloated champions are the paragons of boggard aggression and greedy excess, making a point of consuming as much food as they can stuff in their wide mouths and growing as large as are physically possible and still maintain a powerful physique. “Big and Strong” means everything to these egotistical epitomes, and seeking power, strength and domination defines them.

Bloated champions are selfish and serve their own needs, wants and base desires. They don’t particularly care for others but are basically lazy and desire to be served by those for whom they claim to protect in exchange for catering to their whims. Boggard bloated champions are expected to deal with threats and enemies of the boggard tribe, but exact a hefty price in return, demanding all they wish and more from the subject tribe. Bloated champion adventurers seek to increase their power so that they may someday dominate a pack of weaklings to the point where they may become too grotesquely huge to move.

  • Special: You gain Deception and Intimidate as class skills.
  • 1st Level—Big and Large: You can cast enlarge person upon yourself once per day as a caster of your class level.
  • 5th Level—Bloated Body: Your rubbery, fat body allows you to gain DR 5/piercing and slashing, and gains +1 to your Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense.
  • 10th Level—Undefeatable: You become powerful enough to throw your weight around and is even more difficult to drive off or defeat. At this point you become immune to acid.
  • 15th Level—Corpulent: Your vast warty body becomes an immovable object that can take large amounts of damage. You gain +2 to your Constitution score, and DR 1/—.
  • 20th Level—Demon-Toad Servant: You can summon a mobogo as grotesque and bloated ally once per day that it will perform a single task for a suitable reward. The mobogo will be friendly and well-disposed towards the you.
  • Avatar’s Allies: Your allies appear as slimy, malevolent toad-like humanoids similar to ogdoads. They inflict acid damage instead of fire and gain Toughness as a bonus feat.
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