Bireti Stiel

Bireti Stiel
The Engineer, Sword-Maker, The Silent Smith
Worshipers Engineers, miners, metalsmiths
Domains Artifice, Community, Magic, Metal
Energy Channeled Positive
Favored Weapon Warhammer
Favored Animal Ant
Favored Instrument Triangle

The taciturn presence of the smoothly faceless Bireti Stiel is a comforting one to those of the Elemental faith, a dependable and implacable force of intelligent creativity of the solid, by any means. The Silent Smith of the Plane of Forge is, and does, and creates, and moves on, pausing only to study a problem and apply forces mundane or magical to its solution. Though a positive force, Bireti Stiel is not a compassionate one, and all those who worship him are merely cogs in his machine, toiling for whatever goals the Elemental Lords have seen fit to apply. The other Lords represent those gripped by passion and obsession, even more so in the world-encompassing NewGod Wars, but the Sword-Maker and his smiths kept on making swords, and they would even hand a completed weapon to Deist conquerors as they swept through zendiqi towns- though if upon impulse they would shove it through a crusader, that was as it may be.

Stielites took their place dutifully in the Elementalist armies, and opposed engineers and sappers on the other side with cunning and courage. There is grudging admiration but no love lost between them and the dwarves, and many oreads as well as vithr take up the faith of Bireti Stiel.

Followers of Bireti Stiel are open about their faith, wearing the Stielite triangle with little fanfare. Layfolk will wear one of tin (never wood) whereas clergy will wear silver, gold and platinum as rank and finances allow. Particularly disdainful Stielites will wear triangles of godmetals, and let the sparks fly where they may. Whole mining cadres may follow The Silent Smith, or even sages in areas of his concern, namely engineering and metalcraft. Though dispassionate businessfolk, Meristans and Stielites openly hate one another, and Sarenites are a close second. Stielites have little use for water-aligned deities or those who moan about history or other useless pursuits.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Clean and sharpen your weapon and armor, and those of your companions, with as little noise as possible. Through intense concentration, you can roll d% against your highest mental ability, a success meaning you can reduce a suit of armors ACP by 1 for the day, or grant a +1 to-hit equipment bonus to a weapon for the first strike of the day. You must always memorize mending as a 0th level spell.

Holy Symbol A solid triangle of various grades of metal
Avatar A smoothly featureless metal humanoid (steel) with a golden triangle in its chest, holding a blacksmith’s hammer two-handed

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