Beast King

Beast-King (Animal Lord Archetype)
Some animal lords invest so heavily in their chosen family that they prefer the company of their kindred, and have the power to bring such beasts along with them, who acknowledge their liege. They are friends, compan­ions, subjects and troops for the beast-king (or queen) who loves them but has no problem using such beasts in any manner they see fit to accomplish their ends.

King of the Beasts (Su) You are constantly accompanied by creatures of your kind. At 3rd level, you can use summon nature’s ally I a number of times per day equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum 1). The duration of the summoning is equal in minutes to the your class level. Only one summoning can be in effect at a time. Only animals and vermin can be summoned in this way, not outsiders or magical beasts. At 4th level, you can use summon nature’s ally II. At level 8, summon nature’s ally IV, at level 13, summon nature’s ally V, at level 17, summon nature’s ally VI, and at level 18, summon nature’s ally VII. As with the spell, more creatures of a lower table can be summoned with a higher level application of the summoning. This ability replaces 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th native terrain, and hide in plain sight. This ability also replaces the charm animal ability of dominion, but you still gain constant speak with animals with creatures of your animal family at 4th level.

Note that with this ability summon nature’s ally I can used to summon 2d3 Tiny or smaller creatures (as a double-strength summon minor monsters. Each higher level can double this number, thus summon natures ally III could summon 8d3 Tiny or smaller creatures.

Summoning Stock: You may apply the advanced creature template or the young creature template to create animal equivalents that are appropriate for your family.

Summoning Feats: You can take and apply feats that modify summoning as though they had the Spell Focus (conjuration) feat, such as Augment Summoning, but only with regards to animals summoned of their family type.

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