Batrachonimicon (Minor Artifact) (DC 33)
Strong conjuration; CL 18th
Slot none; Weight 4 lbs.
The Batrachonimicon, or, “Book of the Names of the Great Frogs”, has perhaps eight copies in existence, remaining from the time of the ogdoad-fronted invasion by the Great Old Ones to Porphyra three millennia ago. This toad-skin covered book is perpetually slimy and its pages’ damp, but it never rots or decays. Identification or perusal of the tome reveals that its subject is the ogdoads, froglike outsiders from the Realm of Chaos that were the facilitators of the Great Old One invasion their nature, and their plans for Porphyra. Reading of the tome, a week’s task, gives one all pertinent information about the race, as though one had rolled a 20 on a qualified monster knowledge check. They even receive a DC 16 Will saving throw to recognize the creatures in disguise, when they use alter self. At this point, the reader will be able to attempt to contact these beings, once per day as follows:

  • Spellcraft 16 check; failure uses up the day’s chance, add +5% to next table roll.

Roll on table to see which ogdoad will be contacted:

01-50 Nunnoad
51-80 Kukkoad
81-95 Huhhoad
95-00 Annoad: If at any point an annoad is contacted, it will appear, seize the reader, and teleport away with him, never to be seen again…
  • Make an Intimidate or Spellcraft check to see what the ogdoad will do for the reader:
18-20 answer a question, give information (as per its skills)
21-25 use its breath weapon on a target of your choice
26-30 appear as summoned and obey for 2d8 rounds.
  • Make a note to add 1d10% to the next table roll

Boggards, grippli and doathi users have the option of subtracting their highest mental ability modifier from the table roll, if they so desire, after the roll is made.
A copy of the Batrachonomicon can be destroyed by a zendiqi wizard using ritual magic to cause its destruction upon it, touching the diamond component to the tome itself.

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