Banyan Vines

Banyan Vines
Integrated Solutions, Karima, The System
Worshipers Assassins, criminal networks, merchants
Domains Community, Death, Time, Wood
Energy Channeled Negative
Favored Weapon Whip
Favored Animal Vine snake
Favored Instrument Mbira (thumb piano)

Since the dawn of civilization on Porphyra, villages and fortresses of the indigenous people would plant leafy vines around their doorways, many without understanding why other than for shade. Such networks of greenery fulfilled pacts of allegiance with the powers of the wood elementals, and gave rise to a collective, yet individually-motivated intelligence, Banyan Vines. This intelligence achieved a gestalt of the people then, and the citizens of the Zendiq Order later. These plants performed intelligence collection, information for leaders criminal, political and commercial, and, when the need came, plant control or the hand of a zealous adherent could use the vines to end the material
life of the inhabitant under the vines’ watch.

Even during the NewGod Wars Banyan Vines was about as easy to corner and defeat as a single leaf on a tree. Chop off one branch and another grows in its place- time and death mean little to the green machinery of nature that see the seasons as a great wheel. Always evolving and changing, Banyan Vines has become more than a vegetable network of surveillance, but has made the transition to human and khashabi cultist cells, naturally, and less naturally, a technological aspect, mimicking techno-magical connections and applications, who seek lines of communication in cable and electrode, easily feasible with the power of elemental infusion.

Banyan Vines was and is a casually secretive entity, known as Karima (Vine) to rural villagers, “The System” in larger centers, and by the esoteric label ‘Integrated Solutions’ in the technomagical region of the Clockwork Lands and those that espouse their methods. Banyan Vines seeks no worship, but merely to serve, evolve, absorb information and further the Elemental Cause… should certain avatars of The System achieve personal sentience with agendas off their own- such are the wonders of Nature. Cells of Karima cultists are small, and usually work larger groups that do not even know they are part of an Elementalist organization. Karimites always share information with other Elementalists, and disparage none but the most brutish. Even the NewGods are not arbitrarily attacked, though Linium is seen with a certain amount of dry contempt for his shiny gadgets and naïve nobility. Karimites often wear one or more magnifying eye lenses made of stiffened vine, but practical and for identification.

Spell Preparation Ritual
The prayer book that adherents of The System use is thick and dense, titled The Code, Expanded and details many aspects of holy surveillance, manipulation of others, and the need for cold and usually superfluous information. After intensely reading a few chapters, Karimites weave a “cat’s cradle” of vine or string in certain complex patterns until enlightenment overcomes them. Some of these patterns can be used in chalk form as a ‘sign code’ for cell members to communicate on landmarks.

Holy Symbol A vine with numbered leaves in a tight spiral
Avatar A small, compact humanoid composed of tightly bunched, dark green vines.

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