Corpse-King, The Unrepentant
Worshippers: Living ghouls, necromancers, refugees of Bhaal-aak
Minions: Chimeras, evil fey, incorporeal undead
Domains: Death, Destruction, Earth, Undead
Lower Realm Dominated: Balakoria
Favored Weapon: Light hammer
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Goat
Favored Instrument: Alphorn

Near the northern shores of what is now the Empires of the Dead, a city once stood, an alien city, a City that Should Not Have Been, the demon-city of Bhaal-aak. Existing due to an arcane Ritual of Allowance, the demons within were on one-way trips from the nether regions of the Realms Beyond, a price some were willing to pay for a chance to slay areligious mortals in a world without paladins and the like. The smug lord of Bhaal-aak was Balakor, who counted himself a lucky demon indeed to have such an opportunity. When the Architect came to the Empire of the Dead to end the eternal warring there, only Balakor dared defied the upstart, thinking himself above the rulings of what he thought was a man… Bhaal-aak was annihilated by the Architects blowing of the Balehorn. Balakor had to retreat to the Realms Below, humiliated, and try to cobble together followers from the few that had escaped the devastation of Bhaal-aak, and try to seduce more mortals any way he could. It was more than a demon could stand, but he had proven scrappy and opportunistic, finding inroads to mortal souls the most would not lower themselves to. Balakor blames all other beings for his losses, and hates all outsiders of every kind, tolerating very few demons or other outsiders in his entourage or court. Balakor appears as a classic demon-lord, much like a balor but larger and darker, with no fire about him. He dresses in black robes and has a goat-like head, with glittering porphyrite eyes.

A select few beings worship Balakor, a brotherhood of necromancers called the Upper Hand, who wear jeweled black gloves and goat-masks, and pride themselves on negotiating in bad faith with the demon lord, as he is believed to be desperate for followers and a foothold in Porphyra. They purport themselves to be more amenable necromancers for hire, as Rajuki are, admittedly too fanatical to deal with. The refugees of Bhaal-aak, some 2,000 in 10 or so groups also stubbornly revere Balakaor, wandering the waste places of the planet and inhabiting ruins and destroyed places when they can find them, being skilled at concealing themselves from local inhabitants, and taking what they need from raids and on passers-by. They often dress in black and wear shoes that make hoof-prints to conceal their activities.

Spell Preparation Ritual
In the hour before dawn, Balakorians wail as loudly as is practical for the loss of Bhaal-Aak, calling for their lord to help them avenge its destruction. Ritualistic bits of masonry and thrown down and picked up during this wailing, and when they are worn smooth they are used as masterwork sling stones (1 free masterwork sling stone/month).

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