Ayporos (The Counter)
Mr. Blue, The Slabmaster
Second to Vortain
Worshippers: Addicts, administrators, embezzlers, smugglers
Minions: Akatas, blue drakes and dragons, glacier toads, poisonous frogs
Domains: Disease, Knowledge, Plant, ReposeSubdomains: Fear, Intuition, Souls
Favored Weapon: spear
Favored Energy: Negative
Favored Animal: Poison dart frog (blue varieties)
Favored Instrument: Tambourine

Ayporos the Counter is the servant of the Porphyran god Vortain, the Bringer of Chaos. Common worshipers call him Mr. Blue, as this demon lord is erratically fond of that color, even to the point of his signature narcotic, called Deep Blue; he is also called the Slabmaster, as his followers deal with the preparation and utilization of the deceased. It is rumored that Deep Blue is processed from deceased humanoids’ bodies. Ayporos likely was Vortain’s right-hand demon in the Candyman’s rise to power in the Lower Realms, handling logistics and gathered intelligence when Chaos-addled Vortain could not. Ayporos has been rewarded with his own Lower Realm, worship as a demon lord among Vortain’s own adherents, indulgence in his childish collection of blue objects and beings, and a divinely-monstrous addiction to a horrific supernatural narcotic that only Vortain himself seems to possess. Statues of Ayporos depict him as a hairless, ectomorphic humanoid, somewhere in the elf-to-human spectrum, with smooth blue skin. He always wears a long, neat robe with a hood, bearing an abacus on his right hip and a ledger-book on his left.

Ayporos’ cult is closely allied with that of Vortain, and as subservient to them as Ayporos is to the Corruptor. His clerics wear blue robes and often paint or tattoo their skin blue, and love to pointlessly count things and keep records, to occupy their intoxicant-fueled minds. Ayporites are not violent, but can be very dangerous thereby for their methods of advancing the cause of their master, and their master’s master, are insidious and well-thought-out. They are adept at blackmail and intimidation, tend to be quite well-funded, and are well-versed in debilitating magic, drug and poison use, and in directing monstrous minions to their ends. Ayporite temples are urban, crypt-like, and built of blue stone with dyed bone decoration.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Ayporites self-administer some kind of intoxicant, depending on their importance to the local cult, and review the accounts that they are in charge or orally, trying not to refer to notes. In areas where they do not act openly, this may be their only method. Debts from customers are typically collected in the morning, too.

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