The Self-Created, The First
Uplighted rogue pleroma aeon
Worshipers: Sphinxes, sphinx servant races, reclusive cultists
Domains: Animal, Artifice, Creation, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: Flail
Favored Animals: Hawk and Lion

Atum is self-created, Atum is The First. From the life-essence of the world did Atum emerge, the procreative spirit, the inquisitive mind of the Universe. Atum is Creation itself, Atum is both sentience and instinct, with no separation between the two. Atum came before all, and knew all before, all that is now, and all that is to come. Legend holds that Atum the First rested on the sandy delta of the Oliti River after the effort of freeing himself from the Monad of the Universal Aeons, and created, from his own will the sacred triad to keep him company; a man, a lion, and an eagle. The first Man created a crude shelter to protect himself from the Lion, and the Eagle perched atop it. Fascinated by the interaction between the three, he amalgamated them together, creating the first sphinx. Using the sand, water and sun Atum created many more beings, and invented writing to keep track of their names and characteristics. The first generation of sphinxes were Atum’s aides, helpers and advisors in this creative, cataloguing era, and their powers grew, as well. In time, Atum grew familiar with his adopted world, and followed many ambitious projects, such as buildings to house the more fragile creatures of creation- mankind the one most in need. But man¬kind was also the most self-aware, the most intriguing, and some few gave worship unto Atum. Over the long eons of the dawn of time, Atum grew saddened by the mortality of his lesser creations, who mirrored this sadness by preparing extravagant housing for the revered dead, such as pyramids, shadows of the Monad. Atum could withstand the pain of witnessing physical death no more, and so he left for a new beginning Somewhere Else… promising he would return with the secret to happy, eternal life. And so the faithful wait for the Self-Created to return, and the sphinxes ask their questions and continue their studies, to be faithful to Atum’s charge of studying creation.

Only the most special and star-aligned council meetings of the sphinxes ever discuss their long-lost master and progenitor, Atum the First. Even the savage hieracosphinxes have been known to assemble grisly effigies of feathers, fur and human heads in homage to their barely remembered creator. Elder sphinxes that have memories of their elders that served Atum are highly revered, and beheld with a mixture of terror and awe by lesser, younger sphinxes. Chambers that contain records penned by Atum, or statues modeled on him are closely guarded by few sphinxes, indeed- and sought out by others. Maftet employ simple, devolved rituals sacrificing birds and mammals at the equinoxes- and occasionally a humanoid, in acts of propitiation to- depending on the season, the Man-God, the Lion-God, or the Hawk-God. Enigmon are seldom trusted with knowledge of Atum, except for those that take up the ka stone of the living monolith guardians- and those always in ritual-achieved levels according to trust. It is through independent living monoliths that small cults to Atum are created, not generally seen favorably by sphinxes. These cults often develop bizarre rituals and behavior, taking over abandoned temples or tombs and revering strange monsters.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Pious sphinxes keep small fetishes of a man, a lion and a hawk somewhere in their hoards, and contemplate them at odd moments- though they never speak of their significance. Humanoid spellcasters rise at dawn, combine earth (or dust) and spittle, and make the sign of the sacred ankh on their foreheads with the mud. Many apply ocher or colored paint over the symbol, as well.

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