Plane of Air
The Plane of Air exists at the edge of the universe—a “skin” of wind and clouds where down seems to be in every direction at once. Here, the sky is everything there is, and only those who can fly can ever truly call this reality home.
Category Realm Within
Gravity subjective directional
Time normal
Realm immeasurable
Structural lasting
Essence air-dominant
Magic enhanced air or impeded earth
Core Divinities none
Other Divinities elemental lords of air
Outsiders air elemental (including aerial servant, air wysp, anemos, belker, comozant wyrd, invisible stalker, and mihstu), air veela, djinni, and mephit
Petitioners air pneuma (semitransparent, misty-looking forms)

  • Qualities immunity to air and electricity, fly speed 60 ft. (perfect)

Monsters of Atmosphaira

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