At'fa'al (An Emerging God from the Dawn of Porphyra Campaign)

Areas of Concern Rebirth, Discovery, Music and Family
Domains Porphyran, Charm, Healing, Travel
Favored Weapon Rapier
Symbol Multicolored (Red, White, Blue, Brown) Doll
Sacred Animal(s) Badger
Sacred Color(s) Red, White, Blue, Brown

Acolytes and Priests of At’fa’al dress similar in multicoloured robes. The four coloured robes stand out in many crowds as a beacon to travelers who may seek out their blessing. The rank of the clergy At,fa,al is not shown by the robe, but by the bandoleers that they wear across their bodies. Acolytes wear simple robes belted at the waist. Full Clerics wear a single Bandoleers which they carry their At’fa’al dolls and a small amount soil for rites. The First of At’fa’al wears two bandoleers as instead of spending her time in a temple or cathedral she wanders the lands spreading the tale of At’fa’al and healing broken hearts.

Take a handful of soil from porphyra and cast it into the air. Sing the primary hymn and shake the fetish of At’fa’al towards each of the four winds. The hymn doesn’t need to be loud and the order the winds are addressed is unimportant. Once each direction has been addressed with the fetish doll a second handful of soil is cast into the air.


  • Moon Night: The night of the full moon is not so much a holiday as a feast time for worshipers of At’fa’al. This is a time to remember when a group of lost citizens were rescued by the faithful of At’fa’al from their forced service on the moon.
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