Aswang (CR 6)1
Medium undead (shapechanger)
Init 18; Senses carrion sense, lifesense; Notice 22
AC 21, flat-footed 17
(+4 Dex, +7 natural)
HP 68 (8d8+32)
Fort +4; Ref +6; Will +7; +4 vs. channel
DR 10/cold iron; Immune undead traits; Resist cold 10
Vulnerable garlic
Speed 40 ft.
Melee 2 claws +8 (1d4+2 plus grab), bite +8 (1d6+2/18–20)
Special Attacks blood drain, deceiving sound, devour heart
Str 15, Dex 18, Con —, Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 15
Base Atk +6; CMB +8; CMD 22
Combat Maneuvers +4 grapple
Feats Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Deception), Toughness
Skills Athletics +15, Deception +17, Knowledge (local) +9, Perception +12, Stealth +15
*Languages Common, Necril
SQ change shape (human, alter self, or black dog, beast shape I)
Environment ruins, urban
Organization solitary
Treasure Value 2,000 gp
Special Abilities
Blood Drain (Su) An aswang can suck blood from a grappled opponent; if the aswang establishes or maintains a pin, it drains blood, dealing 1d4 points of Constitution damage. The aswang heals 5 hit points or gains 5 temporary hit points for 1 hour (up to a maximum number of temporary hit points equal to its full normal hit points) each round it drains blood.
Deceiving Sound (Su) An aswang can produce a ‘tik-tik’ sound from its throat that seemingly originates from up to 100 feet away from the aswang’s actual location. Creatures hearing this sound can attempt a DC 16 Perception check to pinpoint the aswang’s true location.
Devour Heart (Ex; death; Cha) An aswang’s bite attack threatens a critical hit on an 18–20. If an aswang kills a foe with a critical hit, it can tear out the victim’s heart as a free action. An aswang that devours a victim’s heart gains a +4 bonus to Strength for 1 hour. Devouring multiple hearts does not increase this bonus. Any creature that witnesses this event must succeed on a DC 16 Will save or be shaken 1d4 rounds.
Vulnerability to Garlic (Ex) Aswangs cannot tolerate the odor of garlic, and will not enter an area laced with it. It doesn’t harm an aswang—it merely keeps it at bay.

Aswangs are extremely malevolent undead with a taste for blood. These creatures drink the blood of both the living and the recently dead; including devouring the victim’s heart should it still be intact. Aswangs generally haunt graveyards and ruins, but can be found just about anywhere.

Aswangs sleep during the day and venture out at night. Sunlight doesn’t harm aswangs; they just prefer to hunt at night. Many aswangs prefer to dwell in cities where they have their pick of victims. These aswangs make use of their shapechanging ability to appear human and blend in with the population. Aswangs sleep on grave dirt or in coffins filled with grave dirt. Sages debate whether this is by necessity or simply a ritual performed by aswangs. Aswangs disorient potential victims by using their deceiving sound ability hoping to catch them unaware. In combat, aswangs attack with their claws and nasty bite. Aswangs that kill their foes devour the heart, though not during combat. They are smart enough to wait until all opponents are dead or fleeing.

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