Ashamar Shining

Lady of Aish, The Glass Queen, Fire-Splinter
Worshipers: Glassblowers, gemcutters, weaponsmiths
Domains: Artifice, Fire, Protection, Rune
Energy: Either
Favored Weapon: Blowgun
Favored Animal: Glass snake
Favored Instrument: Drum

As cruel and beautiful as an ember on a flower, the Lady of Aish was one of the dominant personalities of the Elemental Lords, though she was a rather stay-at-home despot, ruling over the southeastern lands from her awesome domain of the Fire-Mounts of Aish. These eternal volcanoes were permanent portals to the Plane of Fire, and rife with the creatures that love that element. The lands west of the Fire-Mounts felt the rain of black volcanic sand, and Ashamar taught the peons there to mold and shape that unique medium into crafts and utensils unmatched in beauty and power. Weapons, armor and shields of exquisite sand-glass armed her forces in brilliant display, and even the walls of the castles of her trusted nobles were made of this amazing material. To please The Glass Queen was to know the fragile beauty of careful art- but to displease her, dismiss her works, or arrive during one of her whimsically cruel moments was to be tortured exquisitely by Ashamar’s fanatical Splinter Guild, professional torturers unmatched even today.

Though early early victories by her elite troops were promising for the Elementalist forces, Ashamar Shining’s defeat in the NewGod Wars was brutal, devastating, and sudden. With a distracting force of Ferrakans and Linites- devoted of deities that had personally ended two Elemental Lords- approaching across the sands, Veiloaria the Eternal Traveler, her personal cadre of Xia priests and several squads of monadic devas infiltrated the Fire-Mounts of Aish themselves from the Ethereal Plane. They sabotaged the planar gates of the unnatural volcanoes of shimmering glass with counter-gates of Water, Earth and Air, blowing the entire system, and Ashamar herself, into fragments. Even the remnants today are called the crumbs of Aish…

The isolated town of Aishyim openly worships Ashamar Shining, protected as it is by the Glass Sea, the Wastes of Simoon, and the Deserts of Siwath. Even the Bay of Glass is a barrier to attackers, as reefs of volcanic glass rise from the ocean bottom to slice open the hulls of approaching ships. The glass-fibre robes and tiny ship-symbols identify her female devotees, and they walk with impunity among the Aishyim, coldly observing and doling out advice and scorn as needed. She is by association the patron of all glassworkers, and in some pious areas even a glass bottle will bring a call for the Codions to smash blasphemous glass. Fire Splinter killers use poisoned slivers of glass to kill threats to the faithful, and the old ways upon the Glass Sea are growing stronger every season.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Pouring sand over embers to make even a primitive fragment of glass is sufficient for a centering beseechment, and civilians typically engage in a ritualistic polishing of glass items in their possession, while singing simple working tunes.

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