Apieca Merista

Apieca Merista
Green Vengeance, Nature’s Thorn, Queen Cancer
Worshippers Disease sufferers, Eco-terrorists, nature cultists
Domains Disease, Healing, Repose, Wood
Energy Channeled: Either
Favored Weapon: Lance
Favored Animal: Bee
Favored Instrument: Wooden flute

The wildness of the Tusked God, Saren’s faith, still assumes that humanoids are integral parts of nature, of the Green World. The faith of Apieca Merista, Green Vengeance, does not. Apieca Merista is the manifestation of one of the strongest and foremost wood elementals of the Plane of Wood, Arboria, with a portfolio centered around the mitigation, if not elimination of the damage that industrious humanoids have inflicted upon nature. Some believe that Nature’s Thorn is merely the self-willed embodiment of nature’s wrath- inexorable and unswayed by the complaints of two-legged polluters and foresters. As one of the Elemental Lords, Apieca Merista stands mostly apart, bound by the inexorable laws of the Realms Within. She is not completely malevolent toward humanoids, as those with the proper respect benefit from healing herbs and plants, and forests under her influence suffer no undead to exist- another humanoid-created pestilence. The diseases sponsored by Queen Cancer are natural in nature and all curable- diseases meant to curb the disease that is technological humanoids.

Churches of Apieca Merista often form cult-like covens, anti-social fanatics that despise the mortal humanoid (non-khashabi) form and the works of civilized races. Meristan cults have been a problem in elven and orcish society, seductive in many ways and destructive in others, an outlet for the malcontent. Acts of sabotage and terrorism by Meristans against destructive works of humanoids take many forms, but never use fire, which their cult finds distasteful. Cultists often mark themselves with visible bee-stings, and pollinating insects and animals are always revered by their folk. More benign followers set themselves up as herbalists in rural villages, but are always ready to put their disease-inducing skills to good use when called upon.

Apieca Merista and her followers seldom cooperate with other faiths, and are only nominal members of the Elementalist alliance. They despise fire and metal-using faiths, but grudgingly accept air, earth and water in their naturalistic forms. Meristans are fiercely competitive with Sarenites and coldly neutral with Alerians and Chiutans, though channels are always open between the groups.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Spread a mashed plant substance upon one’s hands, holding them out whilst praying to Nature’s Thorn. When enough insects are attracted to one’s hands, slap them together, completing the prayer and then consume the mixture. Sap- and juice-covered hands are also an identifying marker among followers and cultists of Apieca Merista, honey being reserved for important leaders.

Holy Symbol: A stylized/diseased bee whose stinger becomes a thorny stem
Avatar: An amorphous vegetable mass with random glowing eyespots, swarming with bugs

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