Anpur Narrative

Anpur of Porphyra
Arrisha was skeptical. The idea of someone actually being foolish to invade a thought-to-be well-known cursed tomb, even if it was of a former emperor, was preposterous. She’d been told stories by her late mentor of beings who were blinded by their greed and believed curses to be mere superstition. In a world where deities existed, was a curse that much of a stretch? As the sounds of footfalls could be heard in the near distance, she could only sigh and draw her sling and load it with a bullet. As a flickering light source rounded the corner, three scruffy and dirty looking humans in tan leather armor appeared in the entranceway.

“Halt!” she shouted. “Ye who wish to tread on cursed territory, turn back now and leave with your lives.”

The men drew their short swords as they advanced. Shaking her head, Arrisha whipped her sling in the direction of nearest potential robber, striking him in the head with the smooth pellet, dropping him.

Arrisha began casting a defensive spell to better ward off their attacks, pressing her back to the wall. Being outnumbered was never something Arrisha considered she’d have trouble with. At least not with living beings. Their abilities weren’t much compared to hers, but had she not called upon the blessings of Shankhil and been fighting defensively, she’d have been done in. The invaders were good at surrounding her and knew how to strike at her vital areas. Her training had mostly been in attacking and defending against the undead, but these were flesh and blood creatures who believed in their greedy ventures. They had purpose on their side, but appeared unwilling to defend that same purpose with their lives. Their attacks were desperate and wild. They were full of openings despite their defensive positioning. She looked to the more hurt of the remaining two. He appeared to be barely standing, bordering on unconsciousness due to the loss of blood.

“You get to tell the tale,” she said, nodding, as she sunk her scizore into the third man’s chest. Barely able to let out a gurgle, the man dropped to the stone floor, bleeding out. The remaining raider looked on in horror. She’d been holding back the whole time. Repeating what she’d said before, she told the remaining would-be tomb robber to leave and tell his tale of folly should he survive the trek. Should he return, his life would be forfeit. He agreed to the conditions, and slowly hobbled away.
Collecting their gear, Arrisha dragged the two dead bodies to a nearby pit that was deeper than her sight could see, and dropped them down into the darkness. The ahmutou that lived at the bottom of catacombs probably would have preferred living prey, but at least they were still warm.

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