Ancestral Allies

Ancestral Allies
Necomancy [Elf, Olha Pasom]
Level 3 (exotic)
Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, F (a family memento)
Range close (10 ft./level)
Effect summon ancestor shadows
Duration 1 minute

The elves of Yfentwinn use this spell as part of a ritual to commune with their deceased ancestors, and some colonies of necrom elves are said to use it, as well. In practice, one of more spirits of a deceased ancestor will appear when the spell is cast (1 for every 5 caster levels) with statistics identical to that of a shadow except for the following: lacks create spawn, speaks only Elven, and has the ability to converse as though it had Knowledge +4 in two categories selected by the caster.

If the spell is cast at the resting place of an actual ancestor of the caster, the shadow(s) gain the advanced simple template, and can converse as though commune had been cast, with a maximum of one question per caster level. This version of the spell can be cast once a year.

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