Amalgam Template

An amalgam is two different monsters brought together into one being.

Appearance Changes
The amalgam is a combination of the most terrifying or awesome parts of the two base creatures.

Creating an Amalgam
“Amalgam” is a template that combines two base creatures. The amalgam is not a traditional template but more of a toolkit for combining two distinct base creatures into a single form.

CR: The CR of the final version of the creature must be assessed by using the Monster Creation rules. Typically, an amalgam will be 1 to 3 CR points higher than the more powerful creature.

Type: The final creature’s type is always the stronger and more intelligent version of the base creatures following the continuum of awesome below:

Awesome Rank Type
1 Ooze, Vermin
2 Mindless Constructs, Mindless Undead
3 Animal, Magical Beast, Plant
4 Intelligent Constructs, Intelligent Undead
5 Aberration, Humanoid
6 Monstrous Humanoid, Outsider
7 Dragon

If your two base creatures are on the same awesome rank, you should choose the one with the best HD or the final type you prefer. An amalgam creature retains all alignment, elemental, and environmental subtypes each of its base creatures possessed.

Size: The amalgam is always the size of its larger base creature.

Senses: The amalgam has the senses of both base creatures.

AC: Natural armor of the amalgam increases by +3 from the better base creature’s natural armor, due to hybrid vigor.

Hit Dice: The amalgam’s hit die is based on its final creature type. Additionally it possess hit dice equal to the greater base creature plus 1/3 the hit dice of the lesser base creature. If both creatures possess the same number of hit dice, the second is considered the lesser.

Saves: Based on the final creature type.

Defensive Abilities: Amalgams retain all the defensive abilities, resistances, damage reductions, and spell resistance values of both creatures. Any time, the two forms have conflicting values on a defensive ability, they keep the better ability. If one base creature has a vulnerability to an energy type and the other has a resistance, that vulnerability and resistance cancel each other out.

Speed: The best movement rates of its base forms.

Melee: The amalgam possesses all the natural attacks of the base creature with the greatest racial hit dice. It also has natural attacks from any additional limbs it may have gained by amalgamating with the other base creature.

Damage: Damage of natural weapon is based upon the amalgam’s size or on the base creature’s damage (whichever is greater).

Special Attacks: The amalgam retains all special attacks that each of the base creatures possessed. If any abilities are similar, the better ability is maintained.

Ability Scores: All physical ability scores are equal to the sum of each base creature’s score x 3/4. All mental ability scores are equal to the higher of the two base creatures.

Base Atk, CMB, CMD: Based on final creature type and final size.

Feats: Based on their final hit dice.

Skills: Amalgams possess skills based upon their hit dice and final monster type. Additional, any skills possessed by the base creature are considered class skills and racial modifiers are maintained.

Languages: If the amalgam can speak it gains a number of languages from its base creatures equal to its Intelligence modifier.

Environment/Organization: The new amalgam can be from any environment or have any organization you wish.
Treasure: Retain the best treasure type.

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