The Abyss
The Abyss is the realm of demons—a place infused with chaos and evil whose fissures have swallowed entire worlds.
Category Realms Beyond
Gravity normal
Time normal
Realm immeasurable
Structural sentient
Essence mixed
Magic normal
Core Divinities <unknown>
Other Divinities Ayporos, Balakor, Buer, The Dark Mistress, Gomm-Thog, Karzerothine, Lord of Many Forms, Morcheox, Naehemoth, Pasiphae, Pazuzu, Tajam’muhur, Thurin’Waethil, Yog Muan, Zaqqit
Outsiders demons, qlippoth
Petitioners larvae (writhing maggots with humanoid faces)

  • Qualities resistance 10 to cold, electricity, and fire, bite attack replaces slam attack

Monsters of the Abyss

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